VOIP Phone Systems for the Small Business Receptionist

Tools of the Trade

Doing your job requires super-hero multitasking skills. You are the gatekeeper of the small business phone system. Harness that super-power with a sophisticated system. GenVox has the latest in modern receptionists’ tools. A powerful web portal and attendant console makes you the super user. Juggle your day to day with advanced features. Route transfers to where they need to go and schedule conference calls with a click. The GenVox system gives you a bird’s eye view of active calls. See remote presence status and extension numbers at a glance. Give your clients a great first impression from start to finish.

Compatible with your favorite desktop phone and wireless headsets.

Manage Calls Your Way

You can manage the transferring of many calls using the device of your choice. Using the web based, Attendant Console, you can transfer calls. Simply drag and drop them to their destination. Work for a larger office? The GenVox system can categorize users by department for easier management. Using the desktop phone, you can quickly transfer the old school way. And while you’re at the coffee machine refreshing that cup of joe, you can transfer the call using the mobile app.

Better Call Management

GenVox can help you handle large call volume. Live answer can be unpredictable.

Better call routing improves your customer experience. Reduce the amount of calls to your front desk. Use answering rules or call queues. Take a break without worrying about missed calls.

Voicemail Redesigned

Managing the evening voicemail box has never been easier. The powerful GenVox web portal allows you to listen to missed calls. Read the transcription from evening calls the next morning. You then can save, delete, and forward to other users from your computer. No more listening to long boring prompts (unless of course you want to... that feature is still available.)