VOIP Phone Systems

Phone Systems for the Small Business Office Manager

Tired of other systems nicking and diming you to death? With GenVox, know exactly what you’re paying for. GenVox includes the standard features your company expects from an enterprise business phone system. You get budget friendly communication that work for you, not against you.

Keep it Organized

zKRMfIpQWe know keeping an office in order is a constant challenge. You daily manage the important tasks in the ebb and flow of the organization. Why use complicated systems that bog down productivity? GenVox's simple intuitive business phone system makes your job easier.

Need to announce a snow day or new employee? The easy to use web portal allows you to make changes quickly. With 24-7 access to the portal your system is customizable from anywhere. Make real time updates as you grow and expand. Have the freedom of making hands on control of simple changes. Keep the workflow manageable with names, extensions, automatic all routing and call rules.

Empower Employees

Give access to powerful tools to empower employees. Employees communicate in an instant with rich and flexible features. Give employees access to contacts, call history, voicemail and more. Your office connectivity, e-fax and web meetings become an effortless integration. Even remote employees stay connected and organized while roaming. Teams use the device that best suit their needs. Keep operations smooth with GenVox desk phones, computer apps and mobile device integration.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Bring the 21st Century to your office. GenVox Mobile, our mobile phone application, streamlines your functionality. Speed up daily processes and allow more accuracy. Promote a new level of communication within co-existing departments. Reach all employees anywhere at any time. Simply call their extension and be immediately connected via a mobile device.

All employees can contact customers from cellphones without divulging personal information. Send information back and forth in a flash using the chat function. Check voicemails and change greetings from anywhere in the world. Your workflow becomes less unpredictable with GenVox.