Step Out Of Line

Every User on the GenVox system get their own voicemail. Enable better communication and close deals faster with a streamlined process.

Voicemail to Email

When you’re busy, voicemails can be delivered automatically to your email inbox. The GenVox phone system captures your voicemail from the phone system and sends it to you as an audio attachment. You can download or play your voicemail from any device that gets your email. Managing the audio recordings on your devices of choice makes it easy to rewind, fast-forward, and control playback of the message. Best of all, this advanced feature comes included, so there is no additional charge.

Why is voicemail to email important?

You can skip the hassle of logging into the voicemail and following the maze of prompts given by the “lady in the box.” With voicemail to email, you see the caller ID information upfront, allowing you to choose if you need to listen to the message right away or save it for later. If you want to send that voicemail to a co-worker, it’s as simple as forwarding an email.


Voicemail Transcription

GenVox's voice transcription service converts audio messages to readable text that is viewable in your voicemail to email, GenVox Mobile, and the powerful GenVox web portal.


Queue Voicemails

GenVox unified communications system provides the functionality for you to allow your callers to decide to leave the queue and go straight to voicemail during peak call times.


SMS Voicemail Notifications

Your teams needs notification of important voicemails via different channels.

GenVox allows the option to send voicemail notifications to your mobile device. When paired with voicemail transcription, you will see the first 200 characters of any transcribed message.