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Today's World Moves Fast.


Just make sure you move faster.

GenVox Mobile is a cloud-based softphone client that extends VOIP functionality beyond the landline or desktop phone. It brings you features of the GenVox platform directly to you, the end users’ mobile devices as a unified communications solution.

With GenVox Mobile, you can maintain the same identity when making or receiving calls from any location, regardless of which  device you use. Seamlessly send an ongoing call from one device to another and continue that call without interruption. GenVox Mobile grants you the ability to manage contacts, voicemails, call history, answering rules, greetings, presence, and more, enabling more efficient communication from a single location.



Commit to Freedom

Your employees no longer sit at their desk forty hours a week. With GenVox Mobile Apple iOS and Android applications, your employees can make and receive calls from their mobile device just like their office phone. No matter where they are in the world, teams will stay well connected and productive.


How does it work?

GenVox Mobile connects your mobile phone and office phone together, linking all calls and activities. Employees can contact customers from their cell phones while maintaining a professional front.

GenVox Mobile offers a range of functions—including call transfer, conference, park, and voicemail, helps business flow smoothly.


 Maintain a single business identity in and out of the office.

 Display your work caller ID when making calls from the GenVox Mobile app.

 Send and receive instant messages with co-workers.

 Send and receive text (SMS) messages with your business telephone number.

 Make and receive business calls over Wi-Fi without using your cell phone’s minutes.

 Keep your business calls and voicemail separate from your personal ones.

 Access your company directory and contact list.

 Check missed calls and voicemail while away from the office.

 Manage voicemails and voicemail greetings remotely.


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All-around Avaliablity

Answer calls from wherever, whenever.

Call forwarding is a GenVox feature that allows you to forward or redirect incoming calls to an alternate number. This feature can be useful when you are out of the office for lunch, meetings, or vacation. It is also handy if you want to ensure that all customer calls are answered—and have a backup if not picked up by the first receiving party.


Choices are:

 Always – Immediately forwards calls to the number specified.

 When Busy – Forwards calls to the number specified when your extension has used all available call paths.

 When Unanswered – Forwards calls to the number specified if the call is not answered after the specified ring timeout.

 When Offline – Automatically forwards calls to the number specified if your desk phone has lost communication (such as during a power outage).


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