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Auto Attendant

Automated attendants (“auto attendants”) are greetings that prompt callers to select specific destinations for their call. With the press of a number, the caller is routed to a particular extension or informative recording without staff intervention.

GenVox Unified Communications System has a simple auto-attendant builder that allows you to change recordings and options anytime. Auto attendant can be multi-tiered with the following options:


  • User – Goes to a user (extension).

  • Hunt Group – Goes to a group's users.

  • Conference – Sends to a conference bridge.

  • Call Queue – Directs to a call queue.

  • Directory – Goes to a dial-by-name company directory.

  • Voicemail – Routes to a specific voicemail.

  • Voicemail Management – Allows outside staff to call in and retrieve voicemails.

  • External Number – Forwards to an external telephone number (such as on-call staff or an answering service).

  • Play Message – Plays a prerecorded message for the caller. This is commonly used for hours and directions.

  • Repeat Prompt – Replays the menu of options to the caller.


Additional options include enabling/disabling dial by extension, default actions if no key is pressed, and actions if an unassigned key is pressed. Each auto attendant can have an optional introductory greeting followed by the menu prompt. Separating intro greetings from menu prompts allows you to change greetings for holidays or nighttime hours without re-recording the entire message.

Hunt Groups

A hunt group (also referred to as a ring group) is an incoming-call management feature that allows you to send calls to groups of people within your organization. A ring group is a way for a business to share the delivery of incoming calls between employees. It is commonly used to distribute calls to specific departments, such as sales, accounting, or technical support. Configurations of hunt groups include:


  • Round-Robin – Routes callers to the agent who has been idle the longest.

  • Ring All – Routes callers to all available agents. The first agent to pick up the call will handle the call.

  • Linear Hunt – Routes callers to the first available agent in a predefined order.

  • Linear Cascade – Routes callers to groups of agents in a predefined order.

Dial by Name Directory

This is an auto-attendant feature that allows callers to contact employees by knowing their name. The directory is set up by your company and can include the first or last name of all employees. When the caller specifies the first or last name of a person they are trying to reach, the directory confirms the name and connects the caller to that person automatically. This feature is ideal for companies who want to speed up their process rates and help clients get where they need to go faster. Showing respect for your callers’ time will undoubtedly boost customer satisfaction.

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