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IT Director

Easy to use system.

As an IT Director you manage a lot of technical problems and concerns.

Worry less with full support you can count on.

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Keep connected.

Versatile and dependable for corporate enterprises like yours.

Ensure smooth communication.

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Prevent delays.

New technology can be a challenging.
Avoid the challenges of a new system.

Simple implementation and robust training.

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Expert Training

A better ROI with quality end user training by GenVox certified trainers. 

Secure & Reliable 

Reliable, crystal clear, and secure phone service you can trust.

FULL Support

Changes and upgrades are completed by GenVox certified technicians. 

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Phone Systems

Extend your reach beyond your landline or desktop. Bring teams together under one unified roof. Choose which desktop phones to pair to the system. 

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Mobile Applications

Connect your mobile and office. Sync all your call and activities in one place. Maintain a professional front even when life takes you away from the office. 

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Fax Solutions

Seamlessly receive online fax messages. Close important business deals or sign a purchasing order. Software-based faxing takes your business with you. Complete internet fax solution lets you send from down the street or around the globe. Anytime, anywhere.

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Communicate on the go. Respond faster to your customers with rapid text messaging. Quickly set up appointments and schedule meetings. 

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Call Center

Transform the way you do business. Keep your customer engaged through multiple touch points. Build relationships, improve customer service and sales. 

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Choose a plan that is right for your business. Create consistency across devices and workflows. Find a solution that can help your small business thrive or your enterprise business streamline success.

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"We have found that transitioning from our old phone system to the GenVox service has allowed us quicker return times, more accountability and simplicity in our day to day operations. GenVox has given our staff the opportunity to create productive workflows and allows us to better manage our client intake procedures." 

Dr. Briana Perkins, Bit of Hope Ranch