Cloud Business Phone Systems for the Small Business IT Guy

Think Fast

As an IT expert, you need to be versatile. GenVox offers flexible cloud phone system options. Perform better with a voice Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution.

Want extra features like call recording, call logging, chat/SMS or a call center? From the front desk to the CEO, your users get the tools they need. Get a wide variety of built-in suite of features including a CRM integration. GenVox has open API’s, web meetings, e-fax and more. Maintain it all with one powerful phone system. GenVox small business phone system users can even choose the device of their liking. Softphone, physical desktop phone, mobile apps, or web portal? No problem. Pivot on a dime with ease.

Once Secure, Always Secure

genvox graphics_product1 (1)Protect both your voice network and your data network. Using VLANs, you can segment your voice traffic. We don’t only secure voice content. You get Encrypted SIP (TLS) to hide caller and receiver information. With GenVox, you can control the level of security need.

Need to set up firewalls? Need intrusion prevention systems in your voice system? GenVox eases the strain of IT headaches. We can help get you up and running.

Restrict the type of calls allowed by device. GenVox protects against toll fraud. Limit user, time of day, and destination location as needed.


You Can Sleep at Night

The first person to get an earful, is you. When a service stops working, you are the first one to fix trouble. GenVox understands that. That's why we host and back-up GenVox in multiple data centers.

In fact, our cloud platform uses the largest data centers in the country. We use QTS data centers as a customer and a service provider. Its footprint spans more than 6 million square feet of owned mega scale data space. QTS is North America’s most secure, complaint infrastructure provider. It is the highest compliance and security levels in the industry. Now that's something to be proud of.

We all agree it’s important to store data in the cloud and having redundancy. QTS was among the first to offer critical compliance certifications. SOC 1, SOC 2, HITRUST, PCI DSS, FISMA, ISO 27001, and more are all a part of their training. Powerful QTS software-defined data centers. With unmatched resiliency, redundancy, and scale. You sleep easy at night knowing this.

Get monitored 24/7 by our network operations center (NOC). It’s all a part of GenVox cloud services.  Our trained engineers are held to the highest standards and take on any challenge. We strive to provide our customers with world-class customer service and 100% uptime. GenVox monitors all domains. Local networks spring into action at the first sign of trouble.

Updates, upgrades, enhancements, bug fixes, etc. are all applied by GenVox. Dependable and durable, GenVox’s support staff are top of the line. You get to choose the level of our involvement. Free up your time for other tasks.

Deliver Faster

Born on the cloud with agility in mind. Our software based unified communications platform is sleek. GenVox adapts and changes as quickly as the business climate does. By running a slim corporation, we keep it agile. GenVox has a shallow command structure. This allows us to make quick approved decisions and act with clarity.

Remain Cognizant

You have enough on your plate. Staying up to date is a full-time job. Let us take the stress away. GenVox regularly releases features and updates. We do maintenance and bug fixes regularly, so you don’t have to. No need to update hardware and licensing often.