Cloud Business Phone Systems for the Small Business Owner

Optimize your Business

Small business owners have a lot of hats to wear. Let GenVox take the IT and communications hat off your list. As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to help your business. Making the wrong decision can impact revenue and productivity. Old phone systems hold business back from its true potential. 

GenVox boosts communication within your company to create the best environment for optimal business. GenVox’s mobile and web apps offer the best technology with less headache. Call reports provide a better understanding of peak hours, major issues, and employee statistics with a few simple clicks. Use your newfound knowledge to take business to the next level.


With the GenVox Mobile App, employees will never miss a call. Our app adapts for Android and iPhone and the Web Portal is available on desktop. Perfect for remote workers or employees in the field. Stay in touch with your team and ensure they are always connected to the office. Whether they are across the building or miles away, everyone stays on task.

Our application lets users call and chat with coworkers, clients, and customers from their mobile devices and appear as if they are calling from their desk phone in the office. This allows for a quicker response time for all topics and conversations as well as safety for your employees who don’t want to give their personal information.

Budget Friendly

Having an on-site IT team and in-house data equipment can add up costs fast. A cloud-based system saves space and money while keeping business running smoothly. With less equipment in the office, there is less budget allocated to maintenance and upkeep. No more resources needed to clean, update, and ensure security in-house. Don’t worry, the system will still stay up to date thanks to backend support provided by GenVox. Our system offers the latest cloud technology on all fronts and has multiple levels of redundancy to ensure your systems stays up and running.

A Custom Fit

GenVox is designed with your business in mind. Literally. This cloud-based system is customizable for any style of business. From retail to restaurants; medical offices to construction, GenVox is personalized to your business needs. 

On the business wide scale, backend functions of the system can be adjusted based off your specifications, allowing a smooth transition from your old system while offering new features that cater to your company’s needs. Auto attendants, music on hold, call reports, ring groups, and call queues are now available to edit and perfect whenever you feel like it. These are only a few of the custom features available to enjoy.

On the individual level, each employee can customize the user experience as well. From personalized speed dials and BLF keys, to individual levels of access to certain features and functions, your employees will have the exact tools they need to work and communicate effectively.

Fast and Easy

GenVox keeps employees connected at all times, reducing communication disconnect and improving overall productivity. Information can be passed along without error or delay offering a faster and more connected workplace.

We all have that one employee who can’t seem to figure out technology. Don’t worry, we can help with that too. Designed to be user friendly, GenVox is simple and visually appealing. This helps employees know exactly what they are doing and keeps confusion at a minimum. We also offer plenty of resources and training to answer any questions employees might have, keeping them informed and you on track for success.