Cloud Phone Systems For The IT Director

Research and starting of new approach in technology is time-consuming and costly. Yet you know, your antiquated system slowing down your company. New methodology is a delicate balance of time and money. While you postpone, your competition is deploying innovative strategies.

Establish yourself as a leader in progress and stability with GenVox. No more headaches with an intuitive and adaptable web portal. SaaS technology gives a greater reward without huge expenditures. Tiered permissions and views provide a bird's eye perspective. C-level executives and team members stay informed with rapid reporting.

Customer Service/ Response Time

Sleek and modern ecosystems are disrupting old traditions. Innovative companies know cloud-based applications are critical. GenVox's "born in the cloud" unified communication offers advantages against your competition. We partner with some of the best telecom and IT companies. You get top-notch support. Knowledgeable GenVox partners are trained by our expert engineers.

Access to 24/7 support means you will never get lost in the ticketing system. We pride ourselves on excellent and attentive customer service.

Dependable Name

It is the quiet confidence of knowing you are reliable. It is the ability to know what is important to you, the IT expert. At GenVox, we know a name is only as good as the service we provide. Our software has many satisfied customers who can sleep well at night. They know when trouble arises, we pinpoint the problem and handle it.

Finally, a system that backs up what they say.


Today, more than ever, workers are on the move. Staying in contact with coworkers during the day is essential to effective business. Workers at remote locations or home offices can contact customers even when on the road. The GenVox mobile app transforms personal cell phones into professional communication devices.

Manage contacts, voicemails, call history, answering rules, greetings and presence. Enable more efficient communication from a single location.

Open Platform

Flexible companies thrive. Businesses that move swiftly and focus on more important intitatives grow with speed. GenVox is an open platform SaaS that integrates with a large collection of CRMs. With a vast integration, your company flourishes without distruption. ConnectWise, Google Contacts, Microsoft, Oracle, SalesForce, or Teamleader, GenVox adapts to your need.


Hampering down threats is an ever evolving and costly project. Keeping technology safe and secure can get tricky as new products emerge. The menace of exposing valuable data is ongoing. GenVox offers peace of mind by ensuring a high level of security for our customers.

Need to set up firewalls? Need intrusion prevention systems in your voice system? GenVox protect against fraud. By limiting the user, time of day, and destination location attack is avoided. Protect your data and voice network using VLANs to segment your voice traffic.